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Valentines Day

  • 1st g. Valentine's Tens Math Packet

    1st g. Valentine's Tens Math Packet

    1st g. Fun Math Activities-Valentine and 10’s Theme NBTA 1.1, 1.2. 1. 3. 1.4, 1.5 ❤️Color by Addition (10+) ❤️Color by 10s Number Words ❤️Addition (10+) ❤️Number-Number Word Match ❤️Greater, Less Than ❤️Count On ❤️Number Order...

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  • 2-4 Seasonal and Holiday Worksheets

    2-4 Seasonal and Holiday Worksheets

    This product contains resources for 9 different seasonal or holiday activities. Included are: Earth Day Cause and Effect Worksheet-  This worksheet contains a graphic organizer with pictures appropriate for Earth Day study. Students can fill...

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  • Music with Mrs. Hagemann Mystery Valentine Music Grids

    Color by Note Music Grids: Valentine's Day

    Find more quality music education products at: MUSIC WITH MRS HAGEMANN Perfect for Valentine's Day (or any other time of year)! Included in this download is a group of three mystery color-by-note pictures created within a grid. The pictures are:...

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  • Coloring Valentines! Coloring Valentines!

    Coloring Valentines!

    Are you having a Valentine's Day party? Are you planning on having your students pass out valentines? These coloring valentines are something your students can work on in school or at home! Kids will love the different coloring options and enjoy getting...

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  • Counting Hearts: Number Recognition #1-10

    Counting Hearts: Number Recognition #1-10

    Just in time for Valentines Day! This product includes 3 fun activities that are great practice for number recognition and number words for numbers 1-10. This is great for at-home practice and would work well in classroom small group instruction...

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  • Counting Numbers 1-10!

    Counting Numbers 1-10!

    This PDF resource contains 60+ pages of counting images to 10! Check out Visuals for All for more resources. After counting, learners will color the domino with the correct number of dots. Themes Include: School...

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  • Create Your Own Valentine Cards

    Create Your Own Valentine Cards

    The children create a Valentine Card by coloring, cutting and pasting. They choose how to color the card, the inside words, and the outside images. Print them off for a cut and paste activity without the coloring. After the card is created for each...

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  • Create Your Own Valentine: A Genetics Activity

    Create Your Own Valentine: A Genetics Activity

    In this fun review activity, students create their own Valentine create using traits "inherited" from their parents. A list of 5 traits is inherited based on probability and the roll of a dice. The students then figure out which of the phenotypes their...

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