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FRECK!® Decks

A new tabletop card game AND classroom resource aimed at teaching your students key social studies vocabulary in an engaging, competitive & creative way. Easy-to-learn game steps, quick-hitting clues & dynamic game play make FRECK! a must-have for every history classroom.


Gregg & Mat, two history teaching colleagues enjoy teaching US history, but they've looked around over the years to try and find an alternative to the boring, same ol' resources companies were putting out there. All they found were flashcards, the "I Have Who Has" decks and other yawners. So, they came up with their own solution. FRECK! in History. It offers educators a fresh new way to strengthen student understanding of the content & process terms found in state social studies standards.


First off, the word FRECK means "to be nimble, ready or strong." 
It's important for kids to be exactly that... ready & strong in history vocabulary. We also think it stands for "Fluid Recognition of Essential Content Knowledge."

FRECK! is an easy-to-teach, competitive trivia game for the history classroom. It combines classic card game actions, clever clues, historical images, and the interaction we as teachers look for (and without their face in a screen!). But it's way more than that. Read on... 

All sorts of cool variations to make FRECK! engaging. 

Even though it can be used as such, FRECK! IS NOT a set of flashcards. It's an awesome interactive tabletop card game and a WHOLE LOT more. You can integrate dynamic classroom activities for small, large groups or whole class settings (with more added by teachers all the time!) using the cards as a reference. That way, you don't have to write anything yourself. The content is built-in & easily accessible!

FRECK! promotes better writing, can be used for review, for sequencing, to compare/contrast with other more classic & unique applications... 

OH... & it's a blast to play! FRECK! combines classic game play mechanics with clever, funny and challenging clues to make learning vocabulary more appealing to today's learners. It's fast-paced & simple to play. Something we teachers enjoy when it comes to setting up our classroom.


Check out what teachers who've brought FRECK! into their classrooms are saying on our testimonials page.


  • "Cold War & Vietnam" DECK | FRECK! Modern U.S. "Cold War & Vietnam" DECK | FRECK! Modern U.S.

    "Cold War & Vietnam" DECK | FRECK! Modern U.S.

    TEARING DOWN WALLS. After a long World conflict, the allies break apart and geopolitical tensions arise between the super powers o the world. From the Korean War to the Vietnam War to the Space Race, the U.S. aims to make sure it stays on top...

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  • "World War II" DECK | FRECK! Modern U.S. "World War II" DECK | FRECK! Modern U.S.

    "World War II" DECK | FRECK! Modern U.S.

    OUT OF THE PAN. INTO THE FIRE. With the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941, the U.S. is forced to enter into armed conflict beside its allies against the Axis of Evil. Climbing out of the worst economic downturn ever, America rises to the...

    MSRP: $19.95
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  • "U.S. Imperialism" DECK | FRECK! Modern U.S. "U.S. Imperialism" DECK | FRECK! Modern U.S.

    "U.S. Imperialism" DECK | FRECK! Modern U.S.

    CARRY A BIG STICK. Teddy Roosevelt, his Big Stick policy, World War I, America's rise on the world stage and its cultural, political and economic outreach (grab) of the world make this unit quite the spectacle to behold.   These aren't just...

    MSRP: $19.95
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  • "Constitution" DECK | FRECK! Early U.S. "Constitution" DECK | FRECK! Early U.S.

    "Constitution" DECK | FRECK! Early U.S.

    ARTICLES OF CONFEDERATION. CONSTITUTION. BILL OF RIGHTS Federalists, Anti-Federalists, Franklin, Madison, Mason. All the founding fathers came together to make our government in this unit.    These aren't just flashcards... The Goal of...

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