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​#6 Connect the Dots

Posted by Gregg Williams on Jul 10th 2017

Critical thinking, word-mapping and active learning.

Groups: Solo/In Pairs

Time: 30 mins

Units: all

Purpose: Students to create their own word web to show connections between people, events, terms, places, etc.

Strategies: Writing, Critical Thinking, Drawing Comparisons, and/or Collaboration (if in pairs).

Teacher Preparation: Two cards from the same unit on separate ends of the student desks/table.


1) Students start at their own desk, write down on their paper or in their spiral the name of the unit (from the colored back side of the card), this bubble begins their word web.

2) Students then draw the first line for their word web and use the word that is the answer to the card on their desk. On the line that connects those two terms they write how they think they are connected. 

3) Students then circulate around the room to find a card that they think relates to or connects with the previous word they wrote down on their paper.

4) They continue connecting the two words with a line and writing how they think they are connected.

Differentiation: Teacher can use cards from different units to have students draw connections between each and justify.