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The Comfortable Classroom

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As a classroom teacher and instructional coach for the past 14 years, I've always valued relationships and rigor. That's why I try to make my lessons as engaging and interactive as possible, while still stretching their thinking about big ideas that matter in their lives. I've always loved psychology, and have taught it at the secondary level for the past 8 years. Building lessons for psychology allows me to blend my love of curriculum with the excitement of students who are passionate about learning. My aim is to make all my resources useful and ready-to-go so that busy teachers can breathe a little easier. I also want to make sure my lessons are not the ordinary things you'd find from the textbook companies. My training in various curriculum elements such as Understanding by Design, higher order thinking, and SIOP engagement strategies are infused in every lesson. 

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  • Mindfulness Survey - FREE

    Mindfulness Survey - FREE

    Before beginning any mindfulness lessons in class, identify what your students' needs are. This is a great getting-to-know you tool for the start of the year also!  Created by Comfortable Classroom - Visit My Store

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  • Psychology: Personality Perspective

    Psychology: Personality Perspective

    Personality is difficult for scientists to quantify and test. There are many theories out there that attempt to categorize, describe, and predict personality. In this lesson, students look at various resources and reflect upon their own personalities...

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