Medieval - Japanese Feudalism Simulation

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World History Rawks
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Google Drive
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CCSS WHST.6-8.2c, CCSS WHST.6-8.2, CCSS WHST.6-8.1e, CCSS WHST.6-8.1d, CCSS WHST.6-8.1c


Bring history to life by having students role play as daimyos and battle for the control of Japan. The easy to run simulation begins with short lectures covering the different periods of Japanese history. After each lecture there is a check for understanding and picture reveals. As Japan become more turbulent, students are introduced to the rules of the game and begin battling each other followed by short written reflections. The simulation is concluded by a closure and development of feudalism check for understanding.

Topics covered

- Nara Period

- Buddhism

- Heian Period

- Kamakura Period

- Minamoto Yoritomo

- Ashikaga Shogunate

- Three Unifiers

Explaining feudalism is one of the hardest concepts Social Studies teachers teach. This simulation and writing workshop will allow you to be the fun teacher, while bringing history to life and teaching writing skills!

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