Meet Mat & Gregg

 It's kinda crazy, actually.

We're a two-man show... a Texas-based educational resource company started by two history teachers, Mat and Gregg, in 2016. With our flagship tabletop card game "FRECK! in History", we wanted to create an awesome game for kids to learn history in our classrooms. We refined it, added some kick-butt, easy-to-learn activities, and it's now in over 150 school districts and growing in nationwide intrigue. Very exciting. More tabletop games coming Fall 2020

We've now branched out into offering fellow teachers a Lesson Marketplace(with over 18,000 lessons from over 400 teachers around the world) for finding downloadable activities and educational hard goods for the classroom. We've also ventured out into the t-shirt/apparel world, offering comfy, affordable and fun teacher apparel. 

We are continually looking for new opportunities to help teachers Amp Up their classrooms!


Like most great ideas... FRECK! started on index cards.

 We wanted something different. Something better. A way to not only have our kids enjoy class but also to find creative ways to expose kids to U.S. History vocabulary. We were bored of the typical flash cards, looping cards and other 'fun & educational' games that were neither fun nor educational. We beta-tested a game we came up with (hand-written & on index cards then, laminated, ooooh!). We tried it out in our classroom and our kids loved it! Better yet, their vocabulary scores improved! So, we decided to combine our given talents, improve on the game & offer it to others. And many teachers really like it!

FRECK is more than a tabletop card game. It's a functional resource teachers can use in multiple ways within the classroom to enhance student knowledge of crucial vocabulary found within Social Studies standards. FRECK! offers ideas and simple ways to move kids around the classroom... while making them THINK! What a novel idea!


We're teachers, too.

Yes, Minnie. Marbury vs. Madison started judicial review.

Gregg is a graduate of Texas A&M (Whoop!) and has taught in Mansfield ISD for 16 years. He took the jump into Curriculum & Instruction as the district Instructional Coach where he manages multiple scope and sequences and tries to keep everyone well-quipped with great tools for learning.

He's the content guru, standards magician & Lesson Contributor go-to guy.


Mat began as a graphic designer out of TCU (Go Frogs!) but decided the summer of '06 to become a teacher... something he'd always wanted to be. He taught/coached in Midlothian ISD for 6 years before moving to Mansfield ISD. He has taught U.S. History, Texas History, Math and now Tech Apps & Coding and coached boys at MISD for 9 years.

He's the designer and formulator of crazy ideas for Amped Up.

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