Natural Disasters-Emergency Preparedness Word Search Worksheet

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English and Spanish Language Ideas
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2nd through 12th, Adult ESL Education, Homeschool, and Distance Learning
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Natural Disasters-Emergency Preparedness Word Search Worksheet-ESL Fun Class!
The printable interactive worksheet and answer key are made with Google Slides. The student document is a two-page crossword puzzle worksheet. Each puzzle has a total of thirty-five statements or questions and a word bank used as clues to solve the puzzle. The second document is a two-page answer key.
How to Use It:
Students will use the word bank and the across and down clues to type in the correct letters to form words in the numbered grid.
The worksheet works great for extra homework practice, extra credit or material for substitute teachers.
The worksheet can also be printed and handed out to students in class.
You can save on printing costs by posting the worksheet link on your platform and have students complete it with Google Slides or you can project the material in class and have students write down the answers in their notebooks.
As the actual documents are on Google Drive you must have a Google account to use them. Your links to these documents will be on the PDF you download with your purchase. Just click on the links at the bottom of the page and follow the instructions to add a copy to your Google Drive. You can then share the worksheet link from your Google Drive with as many students as you wish.
Be sure to download the sample page and zoom in to see all of the exercises clearly before purchasing.
We use the same target words and phrases on all of the resources created for this topic. This is done intentionally to reinforce the basic vocabulary and grammar structures for each topic. Therefore, you can use our worksheets, board and card games, exams and other Interactive worksheets, PowerPoint games and presentations as complementary activities for this worksheet.
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