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RISK IT! Texas History



RISK IT! for Texas History is designed to cover all of the TEKS we teachers need to cover for the year... in a series of 3 distinctly-themed tabletop card games.

Each volume has a separate game theme, centered around a path. The team who reaches the end of the path first is the winner. To earn the opportunity to earn miles down the path, each team must answer trivia questions. Then, they draw from a TRAVEL deck to see if they can accrue the right amount of distance to reach each checkpoint. But LOOK OUT... there is trouble afoot! Teams who draw a HAZARD must return to the last checkpoint, unless they find a REMEDY or can buy their way out of the predicament.


Each game has a downloadable, printable map (in multiple sizes) to use with the game. Simply download it and print it according to the size you need. Print it small for each desk cluster or table. Print it large to have as a GAME BOARD where kids can bring (or create) their own custom game pieces. Or throw it up on the projector. It's up to you! Each game also comes with a downloadable, printable scorecard to track distance & checkpoints.

We are releasing "VOLUME 3 Cattle Drive" for pre-order now with volumes 1 and 2 coming soon. 

So, order today and see the results of pure student engagement and how competitive they can be... and see which teams are willing to RISK IT!