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RISK IT! World History


“The Silk Road, or roads, was a network of overland trade routes that linked China with the Mediterranean. From the ancient Chinese capital of Chang'an, now Xi'an, the Silk Road went through China's narrow Hexi corridor, before spreading south to India, present-day Afghanistan and Pakistan, or further west to Samarkand, Bukhara, Persia and the Mediterranean. For about a thousand years, caravans of camels loaded with rubies, jade, amber, musk and of course silk made their way along it.

Dunhuang was one of the Silk Road's most important oases. Near the town, on the edge of today's Gansu Province, the Silk Road split in two to skirt the rim of the Taklamakan Desert. The roads met again 2200 kilometers away at the oasis of Kashgar. But between these two oases lay the Silk Road's most dangerous terrain.

Starvation, thirst, bandits and ferocious sandstorms that were known to bury entire caravans, among its threats. For those traveling west, Dunhuang was the last stop for caravans to rest and stock up before they faced the desert. For those heading east, it was the first oasis on Chinese soil.”

Game Overview

Set in the time of the Silk Road, players become trade caravans or seafaring merchants, transporting products from destination to destination, earning points for reaching destinations. The goal is to accrue the most victory points by successfully accomplishing the missions the players draw. Each player is a caravan, transporting goods from one place to another. The players roll dice to determine if they move toward the destination or if they encounter a hazard and are delayed or must forfeit items.




Players get to move their own personal game piece around the board, an illustrated, detailed map of the Eurasian continent, full of multiple land and sea routes connecting ports & markets of 4 different areas: Mediterranean, Egypt, India and China. Some routes are easier, some are longer and some have built-in hazards (large desert areas, rough seas). And ALL players must face hazards through the game as they roll the dice to move. Bandits, Storms and other roadblocks make the game interesting (and sometimes frustrating!).

There are built-in checkpoints where players can replenish the most important resource: water... INCLUDING selling off some of their goods to survive.


Trade Missions

Before all Mission cards are separated into individual decks, all players are dealt 3 mission cards. Then, all mission cards are separated into colored decks and placed in the appropriate (matching icon) area. The goal is to accomplish the task on the mission card to earn the points on the card. Once a player accomplishes the mission, they draw another mission card from the deck where they ended the last mission.




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