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The Gaming Grammarian


I've been teaching since 2000 and love what I do! Teaching ESL is something I'm passionate about and I love planning new lessons and activities to help my students learn. In the past I've taught all grades from K-adult, but I especially enjoy teaching beginning ESL students grades 6-8. In 2018 I gave up teaching middle school for the flexibility of adjunct teaching at community colleges. I still love teaching my language learners of all levels, they're just a little older now! When language is not something you all have in common you have to find other ways to communicate. My students are all hands-on and I am too. We get bored easily and so things are always moving in my class. Grammar is a constant in our world, but none of us find it all that interesting. That's why most of the games and activities I create are focused on grammar and vocabulary acquisition. Grammar can be fun, you just need the right resources!