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Purposeful Pedagogy

I stumbled upon education and I'm so grateful I did!  I have a master's degree in Exercise Science and I was a Cardiopulmonary Therapist for 7 years.  After meeting some clinical internship students from a local high school, I knew my calling was to be in the classroom.  I have now been a Health Science instructor for the past 10 years.  I started the Sports Medicine Education program at my high school and then was given the opportunity to start the "Sport and Human Performance" pathway for the state of Tennessee as well as write the course "Exercise Science" that is embedded in the pathway.
Education has become my passion and because I am teaching on a pathway that is new, I have had to develop copious amounts of materials.  I am honored to be able to share that with anyone who needs it!  Most of my materials are health science based including anatomy and physiology, sports medicine, nutrition, medical terminology and other medical/health science subjects.