"I develop and use resources to excite learners who might have otherwise removed themselves from learning. They are proven to be enjoyable, make learning fun and raise attainment through fast paced progress (research undertaken by myself in a number of research projects) . I aim to ensure that I always provide the best experiences for the children in my care.

In my teaching and through the resource development, I aim to raise self esteem, confidence and pride in my learners - whilst at the same time showing them that anything is possible. I always try to instil a sense of fun and creativity in my activities whilst making links with other subject areas.

My resources have been tried, tested and improved within the classroom or the whole school over my 24 years experience in the classroom. Whether it is a whole school approach to the teaching of Art and Design, provision of a rapid method of progress in maths through my Maths Builder program, games devised to make Grammar fun, original play scripts for class, year group or whole school end of year celebrations, or simple skill and drill activities to bridge gaps in knowledge quickly and effectively - I try to ensure that the pupils see the value in what they are doing, and that learning should always be fun, purposeful and with explicit outcomes.

Humour, visuals and actions are the best and most effective learning aid. I use this in all of my sessions to bring learning to life"