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I am a 6th grade math and science teacher with a passion for making learning engaging, rigorous, and fun! My goal is to get students thinking and talking with each other while working toward the CCSS and NGSS. These products are all tested in my classroom and constantly edited as I make improvements during teaching. Enjoy!

  • Coordinate Graphing Mystery Picture

    Coordinate Graphing Mystery Picture

    Students love a mystery! Plot the coordinates and connect the points to create an image of a "fancy" penguin. A good review lesson, homework assignment, or early finisher activity. Comes with the answer key. Enjoy! This is included in my Zombie...

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  • Water Filtration STEM Activity

    Water Filtration STEM Activity

    Clean water is vital - and there is no better way for students to understand that than to build a water filtration device! This STEM challenge has students plan, design, build, and test their own device to filter dirty water. Included:- EDITABLE Intro...

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  • Waterproof Structure STEM Building Challenge

    Waterproof Structure STEM Building Challenge

    In this challenge, students will put their engineering skills to the test. Their challenge: build a model of a waterproof and windproof structure that can be set up and taken down easily. If you are feeling brave, they can then build and test a full-size...

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  • Zombie Themed Word Problem Task Cards

    Zombie Themed Word Problem Task Cards

    Each of the 24 task cards has a different multi-step word problem. Students will perform many operations and practice many skills, including ratios and rates, fractions, division, multiplication, decimal operations, percents, and algebra. This item is...

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