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Quick Bits O' History


My products are mostly Texas and U.S. History lessons with a few language arts activities sprinkled in! They are designed to be single lessons taught in a class period. I sneak in a Quick Bit doodle here and there!

  • Cabeza De Vaca

    Cabeza De Vaca

    This eight-page handout set is designed for 4th and 7th grade Texas history or ELAR students and teachers. It coincides with a cartoon music video available for free on YouTube. This set chronicles the adventures of a Spanish conquistador named Alvar...

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  • Comic Strip Template

    The Comic Strip Template can be used in any subject and in most grade levels as a creative expression of student learning. It is excellent for differentiated instruction and/or stations. Students show what they have learned using their own drawing skills...

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  • The Story of Casey Jones

    The Story of Casey Jones

    This five-page set includes a small reading passage on the legend of Casey Jones with related questions to assess comprehension. Also included are song lyrics to the original recording of 'Casey Jones' and a QR Code linked to the original audio...

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  • XYZ Affair - (TRTW) - Talk, Read, Talk, Write

    XYZ Affair - (TRTW) - Talk, Read, Talk, Write

    This TRTW (Talk Read Talk Write) is based around a short (1:23), narrated cartoon video that could work as an introduction to a lesson, a station in a rotation or as homework. It is a free video and available 24/7 and accessible by going to my YouTube...

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