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U.S History Made Fun & Easy to Understand

These are experiential learning and problem based learning activities and lessons to put the kids through history, bringing the learning to life.  Over 19 years of teaching, many administrators, teachers, students and parents have told me how fun my class is to take and how creative my lessons are.  It is great to be able to share lessons with young and experienced teachers that want history to be more than just lecture and memorization.  With these lessons teachers will be provided with experiential learning lessons for their students, putting the students in position to live and experience history framing critical thinking, analysis, problem solving and setup for great learning through discussion and, or writing to process what they have learned.  Everything a student would need to learn is included in these lessons.  For teachers that want sequential unit plans, with daily agendas, learning targets, PowerPoints and lessons included, with all classroom handouts, I have also included bundles of unit by unit lessons.

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