Where Do They Fit?

Where Do They Fit?

Where Do They Fit?

Groups: Tables

Time: 10 mins

Units: Colonization, Revolution, Republic, Westward, Civil War

Purpose: Students sequence order of events and draw connections between people, events & places

Instructional Strategies: Collaboration, Sequencing, Writing

Teacher Preparation:

Document camera w/ 5-8 EVENT cards, 1-2 PERSON/PLACE cards, 1 piece of butcher paper per table.


1) Students sequence EVENT cards displayed on screen in spiral, then collaborate to put on butcher paper.

2) Student tables are given 1-2 PERSON/PLACE cards and must decide where each fits within the events from step

1. Where they place the cards must be justified on the butcher paper.

3) When finished, students rotate to another table, leaving butcher paper and cards at the table for next group to

add/edit previous analysis.

4) The butcher paper product is discussed after the activity.


Each table group is given 2-3 event cards and have to create a timeline on their butcher paper putting the events in

the correct sequence. The set of cards rotate to another tables and they have to place these events in their timeline.

The same pattern is then followed for the people cards 1-2 at each table and then rotated. Justifications should be

written for the placement of the people.

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