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The Classy Colleagues team (CCT) has over fifty years of teaching experience which include kindergarten through ninth grade classroom instruction. We have taught a variety of models including interrelated and self-contained special education, collaborative teaching and co-teaching, and general education.

 Teaching is more than a job or a career to us; we are called to teach, and it is a way of life. It is fortunate when skilled teachers love what they do; it is then that their contributions become great. We lay the groundwork for “can-do” attitudes in our students by communicating effectively and maximizing our resources. A combination of skills, love, temperament, and devotion are necessary for providing a model classroom environment and ensuring that each learner is afforded his best chance of success. Sharing perspective, wisdom, and support exponentially increase our ability to develop academic excellence in our students. We must work together to furnish each child a strong foundation develop his abilities and talents.

What a joy and a blessing it has been since the CCT met as college roommates in 1976! Though we have never taught in the same district or lived in the same town since college, we remain life-long friends and communicate almost daily. Through the seasons of our lives, we have remained constant in our personal and professional friendships.

 The potential impact of any teacher is enormous. Together we are responsible for providing our students with a comprehensive education; academic achievement must be accomplished, and social maturity must be encouraged. We are passionate about helping children learn to be the best they can be. Our primary ambition is to facilitate effective learning of young children and help them connect it to successful living in today’s society. Indeed, our interest is in serving. As we approach a new season in our lives, it is our desire that by sharing our ideas, skills, and knowledge with this network of teacher leaders, that we can continue to make a positive difference in the lives of countless individuals.