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TeKa Kinderland


TeKa Kinderland is a store that provides Kindergarten teachers and parents with printables and digital resources. 

  • Apple CVC Practice Worksheets Apple CVC Practice Worksheets

    Apple CVC Practice Worksheets

    The Apple CVC worksheets are perfect for your literacy centers. This letter sounds activity includes 3 sets of worksheets (42 pages). These printables are great for phonics and word recognition practice. This activity helps students practice sounds out...

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  • Halloween CVC Words Practice CVC short e words family

    Halloween CVC Words Practice

    The Halloween CVC clip card is a printable activity that includes 30 cards. Each word family has 6 cards. This phonics activity is great for teaching or tests your kindergarten pronounce, blend, and segment onset CVC words. Included in this set are short...

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