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Vernouski STEM


Jessica Vernouski is a 5th grade cyber school teacher and STEM coach in Pennsylvania. She has a Bachelor’s Degree from Bloomsburg University in Special Education and Elementary Education, and is currently working on her Master’s from Wilkes University in Instructional Media with a STEM endorsement.

She loves to create engaging lessons and STEM projects that allow for hands-on, collaborative, exploratory learning.

  • STEM Challenge: Strong Structures

    STEM Challenge: Strong Structures

    In this fun, hands-on math challenge, students will follow the engineering design process to determine which shape is stronger- triangles or quadrilaterals.Great project to tie together concepts and assess knowledge on classifying quadrilaterals and...

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  • Surviving the Earthquake Project

    Surviving the Earthquake Project

    This lesson is designed for students to work with a group to design a replica of the Washington Monument using pasta, straws, and other raw materials to withstand a simulated earthquake.The lesson ties into real-world events, engages students in...

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