Take a Seat

Take a Seat

Take A Seat

Take a Seat is an easy way to organize your classroom and introduce students to upcoming history concepts.

Groups: Whole Class

Timeframe: 10-15 mins

Units: all

Purpose: Students draw connections between people, places and events of an era. Teacher creates a new seating chart.

Strategies: Collaboration, Movement, Writing, Sequencing, Critical Thinking

Teacher Preparation: Prepare groups of cards according to the number of seats per table or desks in clusters in your room. Cards can be people, events, places or a combination (person, place, event, gov’t, etc.)


1) The instructor meets students at the door to hand them a card. Each card handed out relates to other cards (depending on table group size). 

2) Students move around the room, trying to figure out which cards match their card.
3) When students arrive at where they think their cards match, they must sit down and justify. The class and instructor discuss and make corrections.

Extension: After students are seated, use #4 Word Splash with cards.

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