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Miss Nies History


My name is Amanda Nies and I am currently teaching 7th grade Texas history in the Texas Panhandle. This is my first year teaching, however I was raised by a teacher so I’ve been around the teacher lifestyle all my life. I grew up in Oklahoma, but moved to Texas after graduating from the University of Oklahoma with a Bachelor’s in History and my certification to teach 5th through 12th grade Social Studies. I recently took a year off to move to England to obtain my Master’s in British History from Newcastle University, where I also got to spend some time in primary schools. I am happy to be back in the States and in the classroom, where I belong.

I strive to keep my classroom fun, engaging and entertaining for my students. I understand that middle schoolers are oftentimes bored with history, so I find it is my job to get them to fall in love with the subject. With that said, I aim to create lessons that get kids moving, thinking and, most importantly, exploring. I incorporate stations, gallery walks and other various activities to introduce the kids to new material. I hope you can find use in some of my available content!