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The Fire Inside History



Welcome to The Fire Inside History store. I have been an educator for 13 years. I have helped to design curriculum, pacing, standards, and testing for my local board of education. I also am the lead organizer for Upper Shore Regional History Day competition and won my Maryland's Middle School History Day Teacher of the Year. My passion is to make the most engaging lessons so that students find social studies and history to be interesting, fun, and engaging to help spark their interests in history classes. The lessons for sale are to engage your students and spark their interest and love for social studies and history. There will be full lesson plans, virtual field trips, lessons aligned to Common Core Standards, and pacing to ensure that your students are excited for history class every day. 

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    Testing Strategies and Resources

    Are you struggling this testing season to find a resource to help prepare your kids for the high stakes testing of PARCC, STARR or other state testing? This product provides you with many resources! If you see the preview you get three weeks planned...

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  • Product Vietnam War - Investigation Soldier

    Vietnam War - Investigation Soldier

    This lesson allows students to investigate soldiers of the Vietnam War through the virtual Vietnam War online wall. Students can search by name, military branch, height of valor, and more! Students are always highly engaged with this activity as they...

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    Korean War Propaganda Activity

    This is a great activity to showcase Korean War propaganda. These are primary source photographs and documents (that have been translated) to help you and your students. This is a wonderful rotation activity or even partner based activity. I have used...

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  • Geography Bundle: 4 Activities

    Geography Bundle: 4 Activities

    This geography bundle will help you to navigate through the murky waters of geography lessons that are engaging and fun. I know my students always dread when I mention we will be discussing geography. However these lessons are highly engaging,...

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  • Title page/intro. to the lesson. Sample of Product Part I

    Dr. Seuss World War II Activity

    Every student knows the stories of Dr. Seuss. But very few know that he played a major role in World War II propaganda. Through analysis of Yertle the Turtle and his images students will be able to see how Seuss showcased the horrific events of World...

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  • Auschwitz/Holocaust Lesson with SPED activities Sample of Product I

    Auschwitz/Holocaust Lesson with SPED activities

    This lesson allows students to watch a video showcasing the arrival of Jews to Auschwitz while answering relating questions. Students will take a virtual tour/trip to Auschwitz, which is free, to view Auschwitz I, Auschwitz II, and the railroad ramp...

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