KEYSTONE CREATIONS ~ Educational Songs

KEYSTONE CREATIONS ~ Educational Songs


We are two experienced educators and 'partners in rhyme’ with backgrounds in the creative and performing arts, who share a firm belief that children learn what they sing.

Passionate about helping students to learn curriculum content through the powerful and highly effective medium of song, we create curriculum-aligned songs & lesson materials and read, sing & learn along Curriculum Karaoke™ song videos that target outcomes & learning sequences of curriculum documents, and support & integrate learning across key subject areas. . 'A Lesson In Every Lyric’

They are perfect for:
  • Motivating and engaging students
  • Introducing new units of work
  • Kickstarting discussion
  • Summarising & reinforcing learning content
  • Aiding recall of important information
  • Extending literacy
  • Assembly & performance items
  • Integrated learning
  • Arts integration
  • Poetry study/units (lyrics)
  • Distance learning & homeschooling…
A Review:
'In terms of application to the classroom, and usability by teachers they rate a tick in every box.' ~ Brendan Hitchens, Teacher, Music In Action: A Magazine for Educators