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Cathy Wysocki

Hi!  My name is Cathy Wysocki, and I was a teacher for 5 years of Social Studies.  For two years, I taught 6th-8th grade Social Studies, so planned 3 different curriculums at 2 different levels for each curriculum!  (Differentiation at its best!)  I then taught for two more years at the high school level, Geography: History of the World, World History and Economics.  Finally in my last year of teaching, I taught regular and A.P. Government.  I have a lot of experience teaching and developing curriculums for all subject matters, age and talents of students.  Overtime, I have seen myself grow from being a teacher that had students taking lots of notes, to figuring out HOW I could make it so learning was in the students hands.  I LOVE lesson planning- and too often, you do not hear that about teachers, but putting lessons together and watching students "get it" was my favorite part about teaching.  While I am currently not teaching, my passion for learning has not gone away.  Anytime I can help another teacher I am more than willing!
Take a look at my products and let me know if you have any questions!