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Cathy Wysocki

Hi!  My name is Cathy Wysocki, and I was a teacher for 5 years of Social Studies.  For two years, I taught 6th-8th grade Social Studies, so planned 3 different curriculums at 2 different levels for each curriculum!  (Differentiation at its best!)  I then taught for two more years at the high school level, Geography: History of the World, World History and Economics.  Finally in my last year of teaching, I taught regular and A.P. Government.  I have a lot of experience teaching and developing curriculums for all subject matters, age and talents of students.  Overtime, I have seen myself grow from being a teacher that had students taking lots of notes, to figuring out HOW I could make it so learning was in the students hands.  I LOVE lesson planning- and too often, you do not hear that about teachers, but putting lessons together and watching students "get it" was my favorite part about teaching.  While I am currently not teaching, my passion for learning has not gone away.  Anytime I can help another teacher I am more than willing!
Take a look at my products and let me know if you have any questions! 
  • Create Your Own Business!

    Create Your Own Business!

    In this lesson, students will learn about all types of business organizations and then create their own business! This is a fun lesson that includes the background, a graphic organizer, project guidelines and rubric! Created by Cathy Wysocki - Visit My...

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  • Financial Literacy

    Financial Literacy

    This economics unit focuses on financial literacy. Discuss of Credit, Bonds and stocks along with important terms used to describe the finance world. Guide to Gen-I Revolution is included to help students with their finance "missions". Study guides,...

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  • Fundamentals of Economics Unit

    Fundamentals of Economics Unit

    Your first unit introducing Economics to your students! Activities, powerpoints, worksheets and review games are included! Quizzes and tests are also included. Created by Cathy Wysocki - Visit My Store

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  • Government End of Semester Research Paper

    End of the semester government paper that includes topics covered in the year. Students will write a paper addressing a topic they feel passionate about, research it, address interest groups, the judicial branch and try to solve the issue with steps that...

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  • Inflation Island - A Simulation

    Inflation Island - A Simulation

    This is a lesson plan for an online activity called inflation island! Students interact on a website and can see how inflation, deflation and hyperinflation affect lives! Attached you will find the lesson with the website link along with a guide for...

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  • Supply and Demand Unit  High School Economics

    Supply and Demand Unit High School Economics

    Supply and Demand can be difficult. This unit is great because anything and everything you need to explain Supply, Demand, Elasticity of Supply and Demand and Equilibrium are here! The entire package, including notes. You will not need to plan a thing!...

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  • The Federal Reserve

    The Federal Reserve

    This lesson is all about understanding the Federal Reserve. Attached is the lesson plan of the federal reserve, a true false introduction document, webquest and worksheet on reading charts on the Federal Reserve. Created by Cathy Wysocki - Visit My...

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