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Science SLAW


Welcome to Science SLAW. 

“There’s a lab for that”

Science SLAW is growing to over 100 labs and ideas that get all students excited about learning science.  We are focused on grades 3rd-9th grade students and we have a large range of topics in life science, physical science, earth science and even science tools and safety.  Each lab comes with instructions and an answer key.  Research shows that if students are not engaged with the instruction in some way they only retain 2% of the instruction.  Each lab sheet is designed to be printed as a fold-able book that can also be glued into their school spiral or science journal.

Even though most students say they don’t like school or even science, it’s hard to find students that don’t like lab experiments that promote exploring and investigation.  Every year I promote at least one Science Lab A Week (SLAW) to my classroom of students.  Every week the students came in excited and ready for the next experiment or lab that they would perform.  

If you have any questions please reach out to me for help.  


  • States Of Matter lab States Of Matter lab

    States Of Matter lab

    Target learning: I can see that matter has measurable physical properties I can classify matter as a solid, liquid, and gas  Materials Will have to build a model of molecules in a bottle Two liter bottle Some Styrofoam balls (Can be...

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  • Reading and Pan Balance Scale Reading and Pan Balance Scale

    Reading and Pan Balance Scale

    Target learning: I can read the weights of the pan balance scale. I can find the mass of objects using a pan balance. This page is a fold-able lab sheet that can be glued into their science spiral or science journal. Instructions on printing the pages...

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  • Light Lab (Refraction and Reflection) Light Lab (Refraction and Reflection)

    Light Lab (Refraction and Reflection)

    Target Learning: I can understand that energy occurs in many forms and can be observed I can demonstrate that light travels in and straight line unit it travels from one medium to another and can be reflected at the same angle. I can demonstrate...

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