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About FRECK!





Q: "Is FRECK! just a card game?"
A: No way!

The cards are designed to be used with many different engaging classroom activities to make your job easier.  We are always adding new activities to our list, and we'll update these so you always have the latest and most creative ways to teach with FRECK!...

We are educators, too. We know you are always coming up with great ideas, so when you come up with a new way to use the cards, send us an email, and let us know about it. We will add it to the list on our site and give YOU credit!


Q: "How long does it typically take to teach students the game of FRECK!?"
A: Students can be taught FRECK! in around 15 minutes.

Of course, there will be a learning curve (like many other games). So, teachers will play a few practice rounds to get the kids acquainted with the process of the game and the actions of the cards. But once they do that, they're off to the races!

We recommend playing a few rounds with just the MONEY cards to get your students accustomed to the way the clues, categories, money values and mechanics of the game at the table. Then, you can add the ACTION cards into the game for an awesome & dynamic game play experience.

Q: "How many students can play a game of FRECK! at one time?"
A: 2-8. 4-6 players is the 'sweet spot'.

Many of the teachers who use FRECK! in their classrooms say that a table of 4 works well because a lot of the TRAP cards are configured around 4 players.


Q: "Can my struggling learners handle playing FRECK!?"
A: Certainly.

FRECK! is designed to be a quick-hitting, easy-to-catch-on card game. There are a couple of ways you can modify the game to accommodate your struggling or even ELL learners. First, we recommend (actually, for all levels of learners) to introduce FRECK! by taking out the ACTION cards and playing a few rounds with just the MONEY cards. This will get them acquainted with the way the clues are read and how the game functions. Then, you can add the Action cards in a little later. For your struggling learners, using just the Money cards can be a good way to express the content to them. You can also have them read from clue #3-5 instead of all 5 clues. The clues are designed to go from very general/broad to more specific. By eliminating clues 1-2, you can get to the nuts and bolts of the content.


Q: "Can I play a game of FRECK! if I have one set of cards?"
A: Sure.

It's totally possible to play FRECK! with one full set of cards. We have schools who are accomplishing it. A lot of times, you'll have to wait to play extended games (20-25 cards) until you've covered the first two-three units. You can, however, break Colonization, Revolution or Constitution (60+ cards each) into 6 tables of 10-12 cards and play 2-5 minute lightning rounds. Then, have them rotate to the next table. After Colonization, Revolution and Constitution are covered, you have plenty of cards to play heavy-duty FRECK! "FRECK! Showdown" is an outstanding activity with one unit, too. (see Activities)


Q: "How long does a game of FRECK! typically last?"
A: Depends on how you want to use it during class.

10-15 minute games has been a standard comment by teachers. Then, the students either get up and switch tables or trade decks and start another game. You can usually get 3-4 good, competitive games of FRECK! in a (45 min) class period. You can also make a large deck at the table (usually all units) and play a full class period game.

 **A FRECK! Tournament is a neat way to organize it, too. Make a bracket. Winners at each table move on until there is a final table and an ultimate winner!


Q: "Do you offer training?"
A: Yes we do.  We can even do Zoom online meetings and Q&A sessions.  

We offer a 45 minute training over the resource during which participants will be able to discover how to play the game and learn about the various activities that go along with the resources.  These activities incorporate critical thinking, writing, sequencing, making connections and collaborating learning into the classroom. 

Q: "Is the training required?"
A: No.

The training is not required, but recommended.  We offer extremely affordable training that can be done within the time constraints of a PLC. 

Q: "Do you have any video tutorials if I can't do the training?"
A: Yes.

Through our site, we have YouTube tutorials that walk you through the game play process and tutorials for each of the action cards. We also include a FRECK! booklet that has quickstart steps and detailed game play instructions along with step by step instructions for our "Do More with Freck" Activities.​



Q: "I want to pay with a school credit card. Can I purchase on your site as a tax exempt customer?"
A: Yes.

Eventually, we will be able to automate this service. Until then, if you will contact us, we can set up the tax-exempt purchase for you.