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Science Lessons - Just Add H2O


Science teacher with 30+ years of experience shares engaging NGSS aligned resources.

  • Weather Graphs

    Weather Graphs

    This product contains 4 worksheets (and answer keys) reviewing reading and analyzing weather graphs including double line graphs and bar graphs. Suitable for grades 2-4. 12 pages. Check out Science - Just add H20 for more resources

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  • Weather Tools

    Weather Tools

    Learn about 5 weather tools - rain gauge, thermometer, barometer, anemometer, and weather vane. Complete with instructions on making your own weather tools and review worksheets with answer keys. This unit is appropriate for grades 2-6 and...

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  • Weather Maps

    Weather Maps

    This packet contains 6 worksheets to teach students how to read weather maps. Included: 1 worksheet on recording weather, 1 worksheet on air masses, 1 worksheet on fronts, 1 worksheet on creating a weather map from a description, and 2 worksheets on...

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