U.S. History Market

U.S. History Market


Welcome to The US History Market! My name is Derrick Lindow and I am a guy who absolutely lives and breathes history! I am in my 9th year teaching 8th grade students about the amazing history of the United States. In 2015 I was named the National History Teacher of the Year by the Sons of the American Revolution. I am also a reenactor for the Stones River National Battlefield in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. As a Civil War reenactor, I rely on primary source material to research the different types of Civil War soldiers I am to portray at different events across the Midwest. As a history teacher, I rely on primary sources to give my students the perspective of those who actually witnessed and lived the history that we learn about. You will find all kinds of resources at US History Market to help you with lessons from the Age of Exploration, the American Revolution, Constitution, Westward Expansion, Civil War, and much more! Products are always being added, so be sure to check back for helpful items that will open your students’ eyes to the history that is all around us!

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