Learning Ventures

Learning Ventures



Gary Parker Schoales B.A. The College of William and Mary and M.A. Boston College has taught American and European history for forty years in public and private schools in the United States and Europe. He is the author of Justice and Dissent: Ready-to-Use Materials for Recreating Five Great Trials in American History, Great American Cities: Boston in the Colonial Period, Disillusioned America: The 1970s, America’s Turn to the Right: The 1980s, Rulers, Rebels and Rogues, Despots, Diplomats and Dreamers, Treason on Trial: America History, and Treason on Trial: European History.  

He has made numerous presentations for the European Council of International Schools and the National Council for the Social Studies. His resources focus on active learning lessons which challenge students by allowing them to:

  1.      Practice general skills including research and writing
  2.      Practice cooperative learning
  3.      Develop problem-solving skills
  4.      Engage in synthesizing skills
  5.      Develop empathic skills