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My name is Linnie Roy and since teaching Middle School for 5 years, I’ve become intensely interested in the power that engaging and relevant materials can have in a math classroom. Too often do we accidentally teach math in the predictable paradigm of: one way to teach; one way to learn. SkewLines is a resource hub that asks us to step out of this two-dimensional learning structure to create a classroom where rigor and joy are not mutually exclusive and each learner is authentically engaged through versatile materials. I hope you’ll find that in these resources, there are a variety of ways to teach and therefore a variety of ways to learn. Please email me with comments or questions at Thank you!

  • 8th Math Review Bundle

    These products cover the major work of the 8th grade year and are wonderful for test prep. Products include: Topics with Video Links, Mini-Practice Sets, Engaging Stations, a Review Packet, a Study Guide, and a practice Final Exam, Jeopardy Review and 8...

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  • 8th Math Review: Fun Jeopardy Game & Tracker!

    8th Math Review: Fun Jeopardy Game & Tracker!

    This product includes a jeopardy url and a tracker for students to keep track of their Jeopardy points. Students answered in groups on a whiteboard, but individualization works as well. The categories are (Exponents, Geometry, Transformations, Systems,...

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  • Fun Scatterplot Project: Infectious Diseases

    Fun Scatterplot Project: Infectious Diseases

    Hello! This fun project helps kids understand the importance of scatterplots and trends in connection to infectious diseases. It is a self-directed project with step by step directions so students know what is expected of them. 4 options are given,...

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  • Scatterplot Stations + Exit Ticket

    Scatterplot Stations + Exit Ticket

    These 8 stations are designed to either introduce or review all the vocabulary related to scatterplots including linear vs non-linear, positive, negative, and no correlation, best fit line, outlier, and so on. The stations are designed for 5 - 8...

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  • Scatterplots Bundle (Weeks of Products!)

    This bundle includes a multitude of resources that can be used flexibly to meet the needs of your students. Such products include Stations, Projects, Guided Notes, Vocabulary Sorts, Exit Tickets, Homework, and general Practice Problems. The materials are...

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  • Scientific Notation Bundle

    This bundle contains over 10 products including an introductory foldable, flow chart guided notes on converting from scientific to standard notation and vis versa, a stations activity, 24 task cards that reinforce the patterns involved, projects...

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  • Scientific Notation Intro: Foldable/Booklet

    Scientific Notation Intro: Foldable/Booklet

    This attached foldable can be made into a flip book. It can be used as introductory or review material for students to grasp scientific notation. Only positive exponents are used.   The pages are scaffolded and easy for students to use...

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  • Scientific Notation Project: Animal Heights

    Scientific Notation Project: Animal Heights

    This fun and interactive project helps students to order rational numbers expressed in both standard and scientific notation. The document gives the heights of several animals in centimeters. You can have your students pick several and organize into a...

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