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Surviving N Elementary


Hi! I am a third grade teacher in North Georgia. I received my undergraduate degree from Young Harris College and both my Masters and Specialist degrees from Valdosta State. I love creating both online and print resources for other teachers to use.  Everything I sell has been used in my own classroom with my own third grade students. Though most of my products are geared toward third grade standards, they can be used in other grade levels for remediation or acceleration. Teaching is my passion and I hope my resources help to make the lives of other teachers easier.  In my store you will find a variety of products including math, science, and social studies. I try to focus more on science and social studies products as many of us elementary teachers have few resources in these areas. If you have any suggestions for future products that would be helpful in your own classroom, please feel free to contact me. I hope you enjoy browsing through my products and hope you will find something to help you meet the needs of the learners in your own classroom. Together, we will "Survive N Elementary."