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Engaging, high quality resources for science and engineering!

  • Animal Senses

    Animal Senses

    ***Great for distance learning! This school year only, digital copy included for FREE! ready to go on Google Classroom!*** Check out Becky G's STEM Store for more resources. Engaging informational text about animals amazing senses! Students...

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  • Climate Changes and Ecosystems

    Climate Changes and Ecosystems

    Great for distance learning! Check out Becky G's STEM Store for more resources. California's climate has changed over the past 100 years as rainfall amounts have steadily decreased. This collaborative and engaging resource makes the...

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  • Conservation of Mass Stations

    Conservation of Mass Stations

    Engaging, enriching and entertaining! This resource dives into the law of conservation of mass using eight different student-centered stations. This sometimes daunting concept is broken down into easy to understand terms as each station encourages...

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  • Earth and Human Activity Complete Unit

    Earth and Human Activity Complete Unit

    ❤❤ Now with complete lesson plans! ❤❤ Check out Becky G's STEM Store for more resources.  Complete NGSS aligned unit covering 5-ESS23! Print and go packet includes everything you need with very little prep and materials! Save yourself time while...

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  • Ecosystem Game

    Ecosystem Game

    Ecosystem game is designed to illustrate the different factors that can change ecosystems in both positive and negative ways. Students choose one of four cute game pieces to move through the game board. Who will be the first to cross the finish...

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  • Students answer questions during or after the video on invasive species!

    Invasive Species! - FREE

    Fun and engaging free resource which introduces students to invasive species! Link is included in the resource to an excellent video on invasive species and the issues that these species bring! After watching the video, students answer questions before...

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  • Mass Vs. Weight

    Mass Vs. Weight

    A fun and engaging way for students to understand the difference between mass and weight using a rock as an example! Students first read the informational text describing the differences between mass and weight. Next, the rock takes a trip to each of the...

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  • Natural Selection and Adaptation Complete Unit

    Natural Selection and Adaptation Complete Unit

    A highly engaging NGSS aligned unit covering natural selection and adaptations. Students will enjoy the interesting reading passages based on scientific phenomena that are given as a central theme to each lesson. Reading comprehension questions are...

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  • Today's Weather - Complete Kindergarten Unit!

    Today's Weather - Complete Kindergarten Unit!

    Student's become little weathermen/women is this engaging NGSS unit! Students are introduced to the basic concepts of weather before describing what they see out their own window. Next, students record weather conditions each day in their Little Book of...

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