Cliff Baker - Ye Olde History Emporium

Cliff Baker - Ye Olde History Emporium


Ye Olde US History Emporium started as a labor of love. When I was a new 8th grade US history teacher, I couldn’t find a textbook that I would want to read as a student: they were all shallow, incomprehensively written, and/or missing key stories of our nation’s history. As a result, I wrote my own -- a 380 page “warts and all” US history textbook covering Columbus through Reconstruction -- and complemented it with an entire curriculum of study guides, PowerPoints, games, projects, activities, and primary source examinations. This curriculum is focused on telling the very human story of our nation’s history from all points of view, which means it includes extensive coverage of the Native American and African American experience. For more than a decade this textbook (separated into 10 units) and the associated lessons have been and continue to be battle tested and refined in the crucible of my own 8th grade classroom. They will not disappoint.

Cliff Baker (Ye Olde History Teacher) has a BA from UC Berkeley (Go Bears!) and a J.D. from UC Davis. He is a former trial and appellate lawyer who switched to working with actual adolescents from adults who simply acted like them. As an 8th grade history teacher he works twice as hard, makes half as much, and won’t ever go back.

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