Elf off the Shelf Resources

Elf off the Shelf Resources


“One - size - fits all” is not an expression which can be applied to resources from Elf off the Shelf. Each pack contains a wide range of resources to allow you to totally bespoke your lesson to take account of pupil ability and time available.

Each engaging, captivating and enjoyable science lesson is also designed to promote literacy and oracy and provide numerous opportunities for efficient, effective and teacher-friendly self and peer assessment using the answer/mark scheme PowerPoint provided. Each comes with a one-page flow chart lesson plan to show where logical choices between activities can be made.

A range of test prep lessons with a difference are also available. Each quiz – based lesson produces a personal list of facts to be learned for each pupil.

A handy range of games are offered to reinforce learning, make test prep fun or for worry-free cover lessons as all come with answers. The range includes board games, find the pair, smart board quizzes, card sorts and escape rooms.

Seasonal animated smart board quizzes with unique activities are a specialty.