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"I love the downloadable lessons, yes you can find them on another site...but with Amped Up Learning I get more rewards than the other guys."

- Brit Thompkins, Elementary Teacher


Easy to find great lessons

"Very simple to find the lesson I was needing at my grade level and content. Thanks for a user-friendly experience, AND the customer service was AMAZING and FAST."

- Steve Miller (Instructional Coach)


Teacher Apparel

Comfy and CHEAP!!!

"You will not find a better quality made shirt at a better price.  This was so comfy my husband kept taking it as a sleep shirt." 

- Margarat Virginia 



What educators are saying about FRECK!...


"Discussing the content...Not their weekend plans."

"I just received the cards on Wednesday. I let a few classes try it on Thursday. They came in today asking if they could play again. As they play today, I can hear them discussing the subject not what they are going to be doing this weekend! Worth the money."

Vickie Goodell - Eustace ISD


"The Word is Spreading!..."

Hi Gregg, Just wanted to let you know that Freck has been such a huge success here!  My teachers have used it many, many times these past few weeks and have been communicating how much their students are loving it……

Please let me know the status of other Freck games... the Word is spreading here and lots of other grade levels are wanting in... Yea :)

Barbara Vrana
Birdville ISD


"...FRECK! Rummy."

We made up Freck Rummy. Kids are having to make a set of 2 and a set of three and explain how they are connected. Brains are working!!!

Jamie Mowry
Mansfield ISD


"Great Idea for Review."

We just received our Freck cards on Monday. The kids played today. They love it! Great idea for review.

Lori Williams
McDowell Middle School


"Some of the best training I have ever had..."

FRECK! EOC is Amazing!!! It helps get the message across in another way.  The training provided me multiple ways in which to connect my students to each other and myself."

Wichita Falls High School U.S. History Teacher
from Professional Development survey


"Freck-en Friday today!..."

...After a learning curve, super fun! I pulled out the action cards & had to keep it super simple... we also let them try to answer more than once per card. I teach all inclusion... and could probably put that 1 and done back in next year... they were having fun & even getting out their notes to help them review, so I hope to play it again before STAAR!

​Julie Sylva
Birdville ISD


"Thanks, guys!..."

Our STAAR scores were awesome and I can't wait to implement Freck Friday Reviews this coming year. We had your cards about a month prior to STAAR and I'm confident that they were part of our success! Thanks."

Debbie Turner
Lindale ISD


"My scores are DOUBLE..."

Hello! I just wanted to give you an update! I purchased your entire US set last year (as well as Colonization and two sets you gifted me last year). My scores were DOUBLE the teachers from last year. I've been given the department chair position and scored higher by 4 and 25 points from my co-teachers. I know the cards had a lot to do with it. I've been tasked with Texas History as well as US History this year so I need a set.

Angela Word
El Paso ISD


Our initial product survey after the STAAR test generated some good feedback, too.

"Lots of different ways to use. Good review. Kids like it."
"It's a great resource because it levels the playing field. It allows struggling learners to be able to play alongside high achievers in the classroom."
"The kids love it, in fact they ask constantly to play it. I thought they would get tired of it, but no"
"How much fun the kids have playing it! And the fact that they ask for it!"
"It's a fun game that the kids love playing! And it is super versatile when using it in the classroom!"
"Wonderfully engaging for our students. They love it, and it really hits upon the information they need to know for this class."
'I like that it is fun and easy for my teachers and students to use. It is a different way to review - not just drill and kill."
"It's another resource my students can utilize in a fun way."
"It is an interactive game, that has multiple play options. Plus it actually covers the information we need to know for the year."
"The interaction between the students, their excitement to learn, and the versatile ways to use FRECK!"
"I like how it covers all of the Readiness and Supporting TEKS. Not all resources seem to be built based on our TEKS."
"FRECK! is a great tool for students to review a historical era. The competitive nature allows for students to take it seriously and forces them to recall information quickly."
"it is versatile"
"Kids love it, very comprehensive, easy set-up"
"kids enjoyed the pace of the game and questions"
"Fun and good review"
"Kids love it and it gets very competitive"
"I like that it is TEKs aligned and yet FUN!"
"Easy to use"
"Quick, fun and engaging review."
"Students love to play games"
"students enjoy playing the card game, exciting way to question and check students' knowledge"
"Great Review source"
"It gets the students excited about review and they have a great time competing with their classmates to win the game."


We appreciate all feedback from those who've used FRECK! in their classroom, STAAR review sessions, morning tutorials or wherever. If you have a comment about FRECK! you'd like to share, Good or bad, we appreciate it.

Or submit a review in the page of your particular FRECK! set.

We want to make sure FRECK! is as good as we can get it, so be honest. Constructive criticism is often more helpful than praise. But, of course praise is definitely welcome. :)