The Three C's

The Three C's

The Three C's

Student-created questions to show mastery of content. 

Group: Tables

Time: 10-15 mins

Units: All

Purpose: Students show mastery of content by customizing clue cards

Strategies: Student-Created Questioning, Collaboration

Teacher Preparation: Post-its or blank paper, 1 Freck Wild card, Teacher-selected term written in answer area, 1 dry-erase marker per table


1) Each student independently creates & writes down 3 clues in spiral or post-it about the term on the table’s Wild card.
2) Students are given time to collaborate and debate on the best 5 clues from the table to put on the Wild card.
3) Students organize clues from broad to more specific.
4) Student write clues on the card with dry-erase marker.

Differentiation: Create a "WhoSaidIt” for the key term.

Extension: Each table gets multiple Wild cards to create clue, question, or Visual Money card. Can be used for a custom game of #9 Freck Showdown.

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