Celeste's Palette

Celeste's Palette



I’ve taught middle school art for 7 years and private art lessons at community centers, parties and restaurants. I’ve painted over 100 murals and sell custom painted shoes, jackets, chairs, slate, etc. I wood burn (pyrography) and love creating with ceramics, drawing with value shading, figure drawing, painting, collage and more. I can handle basics to advanced levels. Find some of my work at Celeste's Palette or find some on Instagram celesteartcreations .


Relaxed, light hearted. I like to asses prior knowledge before beginning to teach so that students are engaged and working at their capability. I like to visually and verbally assess art work often so students do not get frustrated. I like to incorporate art history and observation into all art lessons. I love visual examples. I show by doing. I like to build relationships with students and find common ground and modify lessons to incorporate their preferences. I like to have students critique their own art work using art vocabulary. I like to compliment their successes and offer feedback on ways to improve and ask them what they found successful and what they struggle with. I am always open to adding technology into the creation process.


Graduate magna Cum Laude in Art Ed K-12 from SCSU.


Cross certified as a Library media specialist from ACES in CT 2019 Walden University, Masters degree in Integrating technology into the classroom 100 S Washington Ave #900, Minneapolis, MN 55401 (866) 492-5336 June 2016- march 2018 Southern Connecticut State University Bachelor's degree in Art Ed K-12 501 Crescent St, New Haven, CT 06515 (203) 392-7278 Sept 2006- May 2009 120 credit hours Ct State cretf EIN# 1365172094 042 art k-12 exp 12/27/2023 Georgia State University 33 Gilmer Street SE Atlanta, GA 30303 404-413-2000 Atlanta, GA 30302 Jan 2005- Dec 2005


I have been an art educator for the past seven years and have taught students at the elementary level in after school STEAM classes, middle school and after school art clubs as well as teens and adults in local restaurants and at the Vernon arts center. I am an artist who sells her work locally and online and I love educating others using engaging, higher order thinking and creativity. I currently teach art remotely with to students all over the world. I have created Movie maker slideshow presentations with students that incorporated researching famous artists while utilizing books. I have integrated technology into my art lessons using Google arts and culture for virtual field trips, Prezi for graphic organizers and Google classroom to keep students informed and interacting in their learning experience. I try to keep relevant to what students are currently using whether it be posting art work to Instagram for students to respond to or modifying lessons to make it more engaging. I strive for students to be self-directed and have found moderating and guiding their learning prepares them to be 21st century thinkers and lifelong learners. I have a love of traveling the world, sharing art images with students and have secured grants for field trips and technology equipment. I have a passion for the written word and can share that with students. I currently tutor drawing online via and have students from all over the world. I am a frequent user of social media to collaborate with other art educators or to share my student’s and my own art. I have my Master's degree in Integrating technology into the classroom and believe the skills and background knowledge I have would support the role of an art teacher. I am fluent in using Microsoft, Google and Blackboard programs as well as Photoshop. I have the knowledge of mediums such as ceramics, watercolors, acrylics, drawing, sculpture, digital art and have my Master’s degree which focuses specifically on integrating technology into a classroom setting which has been very helpful in the distance learning environment we are currently in. Here are some of my art projects I have taught and other useful links: