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Parker's Products for the Sciences


Introduction: Greetings! My name is Steven Parker. Thank you for also inspiring adolescents as a science teacher and/or as a parent. I have a storied history of creating and publishing innovative, classroom-tested, inquiry-based, challenging and user-friendly activities for the sciences.

Experience: I have twenty-three years of experience teaching science at the middle and high school level. I student taught in Pharr, TX, before moving back to Wisconsin. For the last two decades, I have been the only full-time science teacher in our small rural district. I currently teach Earth Science, Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, Advanced (AP) Chemistry, Human Anatomy and Physiology and Field Ecology.

Education History: Bachelor of Arts at St. Olaf College, 1995, Masters in Education, Professional Development at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, 2001

Teaching Style: I am a global thinker and inherently emphasize the connectedness of the big picture to help students conceptualize the relationship of terms in and among units. In addition to the core topics in science, I teach grammar, history, math skills, Greek/Latin, study skills, test-taking skills, and life lessons on a daily basis. I immerse my students with hands-on opportunities and teach them to become independent problem solvers. I teach with empathy and strive to promote a growth mindset.

Honors/Awards: Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science Education (Nominee, 2015) The National Society of High School Scholars Teacher of Recognition (2016) Agriculture in the Classroom Teacher of the Year (State finalist, 2006) Kohl Fellowship (State finalist- 2014, 2015) Cloverbelt Scholar Teacher of Recognition Award (2015), three time keynote speaker at commencement.

Publication History: I joined Amped Up Learning with 18 years of publishing experience. I have published books, science kits, and/or games through the following international corporations: Teacher’s Discovery (MI), Science Kit and Boreal Laboratories (NY), Lab-Aids (NY), Flinn Scientific (IL), and Publisher’s ExpressPress (WI). Three of my science games are copyrighted in the National Library of Congress. Over 15,000 copies of my reusable games, books, and science kits are in classrooms across America!

About my Products:

  • Most are PDF files that will become editable upon conversion to Microsoft Word using an Adobe Acrobat Reader app
  • All of them include a key with the answers in bright blue or red font
  • I show the work for each problem in the answer keys of the problem sets
  • All of my problem sets include an equation bank at the top of the student page
  • Many include a word bank or a series of word banks as an optional accommodation for students who may need them
  • "All Ears" Structure and Function Table

    "All Ears" Structure and Function Table

    Welcome! This listing features a one-page table where students write the function and location of eleven structures of the ear. This activity is most ideal for a sensory system unit in a Human Anatomy and Physiology Course.   This table...

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  • "Eyes on" Ions Homework Quiz

    "Eyes on" Ions Homework Quiz

    Welcome! This listing features a homework quiz about ions earmarked for students in high school chemistry. Chemistry professors at colleges and universities expect their students to have the ions fully memorized in name, symbol or formula, and by...

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  • Acids and Bases Homework Quiz

    Acids and Bases Homework Quiz

    Welcome! This listing features a one-page homework quiz about acid-base theories, acid and base properties, and acid-base neutralization reactions for high school chemistry.   In this homework quiz, students will perform the following tasks...

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  • Acids and Bases Reinforcement Activity

    Acids and Bases Reinforcement Activity

    Welcome! This listing features a two-page activity that checks students’ understanding about acid and base properties, molecular classification, reactions, dissociation patterns, and their effect on pH. I assign this activity in my eighth-grade...

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  • Acids, Bases, and Solutions Crossword Puzzle

    Acids, Bases, and Solutions Crossword Puzzle

    This comprehensive, nifty full-page crossword puzzle features clues for the following terminology in an acid, base, solution unit for physical science: acid, base, boiling, concentrated, corrosive, dilute solution, freezing, hydrogen, hydroxide,...

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  • Alka-Seltzer Surface Area Rate of Reaction Lab

    Alka-Seltzer Surface Area Rate of Reaction Lab

    Welcome! In this lab investigation, students will test how long it takes the designated number of tablet pieces to dissolve with a varying amount of surface area. The surface area is a critical factor that affects the rate of reaction in chemical...

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  • All About Enzymes Worksheet

    All About Enzymes Worksheet

    Enzymes are integral in the study of biology and in human anatomy and physiology, yet there aren’t many resources available for teachers to reinforce them. That is why I created this activity. It has helped me teach this abstract topic for years...

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  • Anatomical Position Term Activity Series

    Anatomical Position Term Activity Series

    Do your students need help and more practice with anatomical position terms like proximal, distal, dorsal, ventral, anterior, posterior, superior, inferior, deep, superficial, central, peripheral, medial, and lateral? If they do, then this is bundled...

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  • Animal Behavior Crossword Puzzle

    Animal Behavior Crossword Puzzle

    This listing features a crossword puzzle about animal behavior. The puzzle grid is a full-page, and the clues are on the following page. I included two different clues pages. One has a word bank for students who struggle with spelling or need the...

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