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Welcome! I’m Maddison Umberger, I have a background in design and a degree in Art education. Designs by um is where you can find all things related to art ed. I teach middle school and high school students so the resources I offer cover a wide spectrum! I love art history, cultural integration and most of all, helping art teachers get their classroom management under control. Here you will find resources to aid you in all the above! 

  • Art Bell Ringers Art Bell Ringers

    Art Bell Ringers

    Welcome your students into your art room by presenting these daily prompts. Put them up on your board and discuss as a class or have students complete on their own in their sketchbook! These powerpoints cover various artists, art movements, artist quotes...

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    Help parents learn how to facilitate and encourage their child"s artistic abilities outside of the classroom. This is a great resource to have on you at all times! Great for handing out during conferences. This resource provides them with great...

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  • Analyzing Art for little ones!!!

    Analyzing Art for little ones!!!

    Help little ones with visual literacy!!! In these 3 documents students will analyze 3 famous paintings by addressing what they see, think and wonder! Great for early finishers or even as a warm up!

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  • Hydro flask artist research

    Hydro flask artist research

    Make artist research assignments fun by letting kids choose a famous artist, look at their works of art and then come up with 3 stickers that they believe the artist would have on their water bottle!

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  • Black History Month ART BUNDLE Preview

    Black History Month ART BUNDLE

    3 lessons for the whole month! This covered a wide variety of folk art, pop art, and story art. Students will learn about the traditions of the Ndebele tribe in South Africa, the Underground Railroad, and Martin Luther King. Each lesson incorporates...

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  • 8 days with Van Gogh!

    8 days with Van Gogh!

    Van Gogh is a great artist to incorporate into your lessons on still-lifes. In this package, teachers have a guided 8 day lesson resources that walks students through what Van Gogh incorporated into his still life’s, how to draw a still life like...

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  • Art show essentials!

    Art show essentials!

    For any art show to be a success you need two things! Parents and applause! Use these resources to achieve that. In this package you will get 2 pdf documents. Included are, parent handout that are to be sent home with each student. Here you can put all...

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  • Paper maché!!

    Paper maché!!

    This paper mache mask lesson is a fun art project that is educational and engaging! An Art and Social Studies cross-curricular lesson that introduces students to mask making, and the different purposes of masks around the world.This easy-to-teach,...

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  • Animal drawing!

    Animal drawing!

    Learning how to draw, and charcoal portraits in particular, is a traditional step in the art education process. This assignment is meant for advanced level art students and focuses on educating in the elements of design. In this project, students will...

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