Mix 'N Match up

Mix 'N Match up

Mix 'N Match up

A great culminating activity following How They Relate and Where Do They Fit.

Groups: In pairs

Time: 20 mins

Units: all

Purpose: Students identify the key events, people, terms from the unit. They draw connections between the cards and create a human time line with the cards. This a great culmination after you’ve done #1 How do they relate and #2 Where do they fit

Strategies: Collaboration, Movement, Writing, Sequencing, Critical Thinking

Teacher Preparation: Almost none. Just have cards ready to hand to students face down (if you have more cards than you have students pick and choose the cards you want to use for the activity)


1) Pass out one card per student (face down). Instruct them not to look.

2) Tell them to hold the card up against their head.

3) They move about the room and find a partner. Each Partner then can read a clue to help the other student figure out who they are. This can be continued for a few more rounds.

4) Any student who still hasn’t identified the card can be helped by the class.

5) Students then try to form groups of similar cards. For example Boston Tea Party/Sam Adams/ Sons of Liberty

6) Assist students who might be struggling. Some cards can fit more than one group and that’s okay…see where the students think they fit.

7) Have the groups return to a table and each student will prepare a written explanation of who/what their card is and how it fits with the group. Have students collaborate with group to tell their “story”. 

Example: Sam Adams “I’m a leading Patriot and I found the Sons of Liberty” Sons of Liberty “We are a group founded by Sam Adams to protest the taxes by Parliament and the King”. Boston Tea Party “I’m an act of civil disobedience carried out by the Sons of Liberty in response to the Tea Act”. 

8) Students can place themselves in one giant human time line as a whole class. Then have each student read his/her written explanation to show the connection within the entire unit.Modifications: Create your own card grouping after students have identified their cards in step 4. Sentence stems could be provided to help students begin to draw connections between cards.

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