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Rhondra Lewis


Rhondra Lewis is a former elementary and middle school Science and Social Studies teacher, specialist and curriculum writer. She has been an independent consultant and freelance curriculum writer since 2015. She has a bachelor's degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management and a master's degree in Science education. Rhondra believes that learner’s should take ownership of their education and with that in mind she creates lesson plans that give learners voice and choice. Her lessons are for learners in all secondary grade levels of Science and Social Studies. Most of her lessons are self-paced (foldables, graphic organizers, menus, games, etc.) and can be adapted to a learner’s current academic level, thereby providing instant differentiation. Rhondra’s lesson plans cover a gamit of Social Studies topics including African-American history, Texas history, and World and U.S. history. She has been creating teacher/educator resources since 2009 and loves helping teachers create lessons that will engage students based on how they learn.