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123 English


This page has been created to help educators both inside and outside of the classroom. Our philosophy at 123 English is to educate through interactive and play-based learning activities. Check out our different pages: Math & English for FREE resources and links to digital downloads. Each subject contains various lesson plans and different games/activities for you to use. If you like what we have to offer please check out our blog at 

  • Addition Cards

    NOTE: This is a digital downloadThis pack includes 48 addition cards. Print them on card paper or colored paper and fold along the dashed line. One side will reveal an addition problem while the other will reveal the solution to the problem. For more...

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  • Addition Worksheets

    Addition Worksheets

    This item includes 5 different addition worksheets (1 basic, 2 easy, 1 medium and 1 hard level difficulty). This is a digital download and includes an answer key for each worksheet. For additional help check out a FREE lesson plan here.

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  • Present Simple PowerPoint Bundle

    Present Simple PowerPoint Bundle

    Included in this bundle are two PowerPoint resources: (1) Introduction to the present simple PowerPoint (2) Present simple review game PowerPoint. For more information about how to use these resources check out a FREE lesson plan here.

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