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As a middle school librarian and tech trainer since 1998, my goal has always been to make teachers’ lives easier. I offer tips, tricks, and tutorials to help make the world of instructional technology relevant, manageable, and useful. I’ve always offered this kind of support to my colleagues, but the recent global pandemic and subsequent distance learning trend really encouraged me to put myself out there to help teachers everywhere. I started a YouTube channel called Trapani’s Tech Tips 4 Teachers, and I’ve now thrown my hat in the ring here as well. Reach out anytime with questions or requests for digital resources or templates!

  • Google Classroom Banners Bundle

    Google Classroom Banners Bundle

    Choose from 25 colorful, editable banners to liven up your digital classroom! This Slides presentation has been formatted so that each slide is the perfect size to use as a Google Classroom banner. These can be used for any grade level or subject area...

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  • Jamboard Template Bundle

    Jamboard Template Bundle

    Jamboard is such an awesome tool for both virtual and in-person instruction and collaboration Teachers are juggling more than ever before! There never seems to be enough time. We may want to use an incredible tech tool like Jamboard, but we may not...

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