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Middle School Made Easy


This is a resource for middle school social studies teachers.  Comprehensive units include objectives and overview, powerpoints, modified powerpoints for adapted learning, review activities including quizlet and kahoot games, study guides, and assessments including answer keys.  Everything you will need from start to finish!

  • Revolutionary War Unit

    Revolutionary War Unit

    Complete Revolutionary War Unit for Middle School includes: *Powerpoint (37 slides) and fill-in-the-blank modified powerpoint for adapted learning *Overview and objectives *3 bellringer activities *2 online quizzes that are auto-graded and ready for...

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  • Revolution Bingo Game

    Revolution Bingo Game

    Fun way to review Revolutionary War events and people.  Includes multiple bingo boards and clue cards.  This is included in my Revolutionary War Unit on Middle School Made Easy.

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  • 5 Themes of Geography Unit

    5 Themes of Geography Unit

    This comprehensive unit has all the materials for teaching the 5 Themes of Geography.  It comes complete with objectives and overview, bellringers, online quizzes that are auto-graded making it easy to collect some quick grades, study guide, test...

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  • Early European Exploration

    Early European Exploration

    This complete unit covers the early exploration of the Americas and includes the expansion of European nations into North and South America.  Included are bellringers, overview and objectives, study guide, powerpoints and adapted powerpoints,...

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  • Early English Colonies Unit

    Early English Colonies Unit

    This early American unit covers the early colonization of North America.  It comes complete with an overview and objectives, bellringers, powerpoint notes and modified powerpoints for adapted use, a study guide, online quizzes that are auto-graded...

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  • Middle School Economics

    Middle School Economics

    This unit is designed to teach basic economic principles and economic systems at the middle grades level.  The unit comes complete with an overview and objectives, bellringer activities, powerpoint notes along with modified notes for adapted use, a...

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