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The Teacher Time Saver

Thanks for stopping by my store! I am a national board certified teacher in science with twelve years teaching experience and have a Masters in Education- Curriculum and Instruction. I have taught 6th, 7th, and 8th grade science, 10th grade Biology, English as a Second Language (ESL) to adults, and piano to primary and secondary students. I am AVID trained and certified. I'm currently department head for science and an active member of the Instructional Leadership Team where I work closely with a group of teachers and administrators on implementing our school-wide goal.
My teaching style includes clear, consistent, and concise instruction. I believe in appropriately challenging students to recognize their full potential. My products support teachers by providing the necessary foundation using my digital and/or printable interactive notebooks. With my products, students will engage in learning by organizing their knowledge and communicating their thoughts through writing, art, projects, tests, and more! The glory of my products are students learn what is expected because the procedures are consistent and clear! Lessons are chunked, scaffold, and differentiated to support all types of learners. As a result, the teacher's role is naturally fun, engaging, and authentic! My products are practical: save time with eliminating the prep work and money by pricing my products at an affordable price. Hence, my store name rings true to its name: The Teacher Time Saver!
My Complete Unit Bundles have everything you could want or need. These no-prep products are a complete curriculum for Earth and Space, Physical, and Biology Science (grades ranging 5th-10th). These stand-alone resources include all of the following: warm-ups, differentiated sets of Cornell notes, PowerPoint, review activities, editable unit covers with standards and word bank, editable assessments with reflection activity, labs, projects with rubrics, and so much more. Edit my Cornell notes, warm-ups, tests and quizzes, and Presentation with my PowerPoint version, which contains the content but no clip art. My PDF version is included with fun font and colorful clip art. Each item is also sold separately, but bundle and save!