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Thanks for visiting Ysci! I'm Rosie Yang and teaching has been a huge part of my life for over a decade. The bulk of my experience includes teaching life science and physical science to middle school students; however, I've also taught these subjects at the high school level.  
Science and art have always been my two greatest passions. When I started teaching, I was often frustrated by the quality of the diagrams and images that I would encounter when lesson planning. Although I was confident about the content that I presented to my students, I felt that having more visually appealing material would help increase engagement. When I met my husband, a graphic designer and animator, he helped my curriculum come alive by collaborating with me on creating interactive notes, beautiful manipulatives and even animated videos (check out Together, we're on a mission to help make science as exciting and relevant as possible. We hope that you enjoy our materials and welcome feedback and suggestions for future topics!
  • Mitosis Flipbook Mitosis Flipbook

    Mitosis Flipbook

    This interactive flipbook is an engaging way for students to learn about the phases of the cell cycle and mitosis (interphase, prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase, and cytokinesis). Students will cut, color, and glue the diagrams of the cells on the...

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  • Jingle Gels: An Exploration of Polymers Jingle Gels: An Exploration of Polymers

    Jingle Gels: An Exploration of Polymers

    Product Description  What does fake snow have in common with diapers and Orbeez? They’re all made of a variation of a superabsorbent polymer (SAP) called sodium polyacrylate.  In this holiday/winter-themed lab based activity, students...

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  • Atomic Structure Foldable Atomic Structure Foldable

    Atomic Structure Foldable

    Product Description  This free, interactive foldable includes a detailed diagram of the major parts of an atom. This helps students to identify the subatomic particles and explore the role and significance of each particle.  Check out more...

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