Word Splash

Word Splash

Word Splash

A quick-write strategy to informally assess student mastery.

Groups: Solo/in Pairs/Table Groups

Time: 15-30 mins

Units: All

Purpose: Students demonstrate mastery of concepts through writing

Strategies: Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Writing

Teacher Preparation: 5-7 cards


1) 5-7 cards are placed at a table if done in stations or under a document camera if being done in whole group.

2) Each student does a quick write incorporating all of the terms.

3) Students pair up and are given time to collaborate and add to their quick write, if needed.

4) Students are placed in table groups and make any needed edits to quick writes.

5) These can be shared with the class.

Differentiation: Teacher could do the steps independently and not use the progression from individual to group.

Extension: More cards can be added or the clues can be covered up.

Modification: Use 3 cards to assist struggling learners and/or provide sentence stems.

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