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Mr. Robert's History


Subject Area: World History, U.S. History, Middle Ages, Early Modern

Experience: 25 years Middle School grades 7+8 Language Arts and History.

Specialty: the Medieval World and the Early Modern Era. United States.

Teaching Style: Multi-Modality Education- Demonstration - Facilitation - Scaffolding Process

Education: Attended University of Wisconsin and San Diego State University. Graduated SDSU with Honors.

Other: Resides in San Diego County and is married with two children and five grandchildren.

  • "Europe in Medieval Times" + DBQ Assessments

    "Europe in Medieval Times" + DBQ Assessments

    Lesson Plan, Close Reading, Document Based Question - AssessmentsThe article explains the roles of the the three main groups of people in feudal Europe: nobility, clergy, commoners - the connection of the Vikings to the creation of feudalism - as well...

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  • 1,001 Arabian Knights + Assessment

    1,001 Arabian Knights + Assessment

    Lesson Plan: Article, Document Based Question-Assessment, ActivitiesThe article is a story of the mythical origin of the book. Scheherazade, daughter of one of the king's viziers, decides to put an end to a terrible tradition. Excellent story of 1,001...

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  • Amerigo Vespucci + Assessments

    Amerigo Vespucci + Assessments

    A brief biography of Amerigo Vespucci. His Life - His Significance - His Legacy. Activities and Document Based Question - Common Core-Aligned Assessments included.Includes: - 3-Page Illustrated Biography - Multiple Choice / Short Answer Assessment +...

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  • An Age of Faith + Assessment

    An Age of Faith + Assessment

    Resource Type: Lesson Plan, Close Reading, Assessment, ActivitiesThe article examines the result of the Catholic Church's influence on medieval Europe: Cathedrals, Religious Orders, Universities, Thomas Aquinas. Activities and Multiple Choice / Document...

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  • Changes in Medieval Europe + Assessments

    Changes in Medieval Europe + Assessments

    Lesson Plan: Article, Assessments, Activities, IllustrationsThe article describes Europe after the Fall of the Roman Empire. It shows the contrast between the old Roman Empire and the Germanic tribes which replaced it's dominion - with regard to...

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  • Charlemagne + Assessment

    Charlemagne + Assessment

    Resource: Article, Activities, Document Based Question-AssessmentThe life and accomplishments of the medieval king, Charlemagne, are featured in this brief illustrated article. Activities and Common Core-Aligned Document-Based Questions Assessment...

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