Charlemagne + Assessment

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Mr. Robert's History
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Full Lesson Plan with activities
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  • Charlemagne + Assessment
  • Charlemagne + Assessment
  • Charlemagne + Assessment
  • Charlemagne + Assessment
  • Charlemagne + Assessment


Resource: Article, Activities, Document Based Question-Assessment

The life and accomplishments of the medieval king, Charlemagne, are featured in this brief illustrated article. Activities and Common Core-Aligned Document-Based Questions Assessment included.

Lesson includes:
- 3 Page Illustrated Article
- Multiple Choice Assessment + Answer Key
- Primary Source: from Einhard's "The Life of Charlemagne"
- Common Core Aligned - DBQ Short Answer Assessment + Answer Key
- DBQ Scoring Rubric (allows students to score each other's short answers)
- Scaffolded Review + Answer Key
- Secondary Source: "Charlemagne - Emperor of the Romans"
- 'Historical Examination' Form
- '3-2-1' Reflective Writing Activity
- Crossword + Crossword Key
- 'Support from Text' Guide
- Graphic Organizer: 'Four Takeaways'
- Visuals
- Maps
- Black and White Printables
- No Prep

Store: Mr. Robert's History

- California State History-Social Science Content Standard Addressed: 7.6.4

Common Core Standards
RI.5.1, RI.6.1, RI.8.1, RI.9-10.1, W.5.2, W.5.4, W.5.9, W.5.10, W.6.2, W.6.4, W.6.9, W.6.10, W.7.2, W.7.4, W.7.9, W.7.10, W.8.2, W.8.4, W.8.9, W.8.10, W.9-10.2, W.9-10.4, W.9-10.9, W.9-10.10, CCRA.W.2, CCRA.W.4, CCRA.W.9, CCRA.W.10, RH.6-8.1, RH.6-8.2, RH.6-8.3, RH.6-8.4, RH.6-8.5, RH.6-8.6, RH.6-8.7, RH.6-8.8, RH.6-8.9, RH.6-8.10, WHST.6-8.4, WHST.6-8.9, WHST.6-8.10

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