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Hello, My name is Taylor!  I am a middle school social studies teacher in Arizona.  In my store, you will find social studies resources that engages and amps up students with 21st century technology and group collaboration!

  •   American Genius video guides   American Genius video guides

    American Genius video guides

    Provided is three video guides designed for the movies American Genius on Netflix's. I designed these videos for my 7th and 8th classes, however they may be able to be applied for high school.Video guides:Gates vs. Jobs- follows video and ask students...

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  •   Mexican-American War one pager

    Mexican-American War one pager

    This activity is a nice summative interactive assignment to gauge students understanding on the Mexican-American and allows students to display their knowledge in a fun and creative way! Students will be reporting on the storyline of the Mexican-American...

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  •   Modern Day Muckraker-Investigative journalism

    Modern Day Muckraker-Investigative journalism

    For this project, Students team up individually or in pairs and become modern day “muckrakers”. Their mission will be to investigate a problem that currently exists and is causing damage or harm to some sector of our modern-day society. The...

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  •   Stock market simulation worksheet

    Stock market simulation worksheet

    In this activity, students will simulate the rise and fall of stocks in the 1920's. This is a great way to teach about the stock market and crash as well as simple math!Included:-More advanced simulation that includes the option to buy using credit...

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  •   Weapons of World War 1 project

    Weapons of World War 1 project

    Students for this project will be researching the new technological advancements that were used during the first World War. Students will pretend to be a war profiteer/salesman trying to pitch your weapon to the nations fighting in Europe. Their goal is...

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  • 1920's slang writing activity

    1920's slang writing activity

    In this fun activity students are challenged to use 1920's slang/phrases to write a 10 sentence story (imaginative or about the 1920's). I teach 7th grade and I used this activity to help introduce the 1920's unit. This can be used in Language arts or...

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  • 1920's video guide boom or bust

    1920's video guide boom or bust

    This video guide explores the culture and urbanization of the 1920's. It utilizes 3 different videos on the 1920's. There are 12 questions.-Boom or bust-skyscrapers- A parody on the 1920'sThis is about a 20 minute activity

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  • Bell Ringers/Bell Work-Social Studies

    Bell Ringers/Bell Work-Social Studies

    These bell ringers/ bell work/ class starters are an excellent way to motivate your students for the upcoming lesson, manage your classroom, and assess student comprehension. These bell ringer prompts allow you to smoothly transition into your lesson. A...

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  • Civil War Project: Battles and New Technology

    Civil War Project: Battles and New Technology

    In groups of three or four, students will study a pivotal Civil War battle and technology that made the Civil War one of the first modern war. There are 10 key battles and new technologies that students can select from. There are three roles in this...

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  • Create your own Meme: History, English

    Create your own Meme: History, English

    Students will look up an adjective or verb that can be used to describe a positive characteristic that has been displayed in history. Students will be researching examples in history and will be drawing a poster to illustrate what this word means. There...

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